Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Who says supermarkets aren't interesting or educational for HE kids?

We went the other day, had a mosey around and Junior came away inspired!! We had our noses in an Egyptology book for a while and I basically had to drag Junior away!! The book was, of course, WAY too expensive for us to buy but we HE'rs are a resourceful lot:O)

Well, she is now heavily into making maps. We have a house full of treasure maps, ancient name it, we have it. The ageing technique is diluted coffee being sponged on to torn copy paper and then mopped off.... a la the SMart programme. Her favourite creation is one which has the Pyramids on, mountains, our house and Shrek land!!...all rolled up with and tied with an aged red ribbon. Sweet. OK, it needs a little tweaking but it's good that she's actually getting into all this...history, cultures, art, etc. The subjects are endless.

And today...she's had her nose in a Cath Kidston catalogue that arrived this morning. You should hear the "oooos" and "aahhs"....and that's just me!!!

Junior, meanwhile, is sorting out the Christmas pressie list. If she has her way, me and the pets are going to be spoiled rotten. Bless her little cotton socks:O)

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