Thursday, 11 October 2007

Baby sitting

Son no 1 has visited so I can fullfil a longstanding request of his. Son no 1 has left me to babysit Bobski, his dog....the same Bobski who was born under my bed and to whom the then 5 year old Junior referred to (along with Bob's siblings) as a rodent!! "Mummy, there's a rat under your bed!" One of those "awww" moments when you realise that a) puppy has been born and b) little kiddy winks is so naive and c) just how many puppies are born under a person's bed!! (No stork stories in this house, though) As "payment and thank you" Son no 1 did mow my entire allotment yesterday (allotment is the size of a football pitch, waist high in grass and weeds,etc) so I am quite touched as he is not known for such physical exertion:O) He also bought me a veg gardening book (what's he trying to say?) and Junior lots and lots of beanies:O)

Bobski with ball, being all pathetic with the "throw it for me" look!!

Anyway, Son no 1 is going "ooop north" this weekend to help celebrate his bestest mate's 21st birthday. Son no 2 is going, too:O) This also coincides with nephew's 18th:O) This is probably going to be a GREAT weekend for my sons, nephews and associated friends. 21st Birthday boy is a great lad and I'm glad that my two and he are friends. They will be for life, me thinks.

So, here are we..Junior and I....three dogs...partaying kittens and old dame cats together. Alas. Bobby has morphed into a grumpy old sod and does not "do" kittens..he growled at Popeye for no apparent he's in the kitchen with the other two pooches while kitties race around and wear themselves out....hopefully in time for their bedtime!! I am not taking any chances with anything incase dogs decide to munch kittens again. Then, after kitty bedtime pooches can have some fuss, bed down and sleep and only then will old dame mogs possibly come into the house and kip down in their posh, expensive slub sofa. waaahhh!

Why can't the pets just all get along and be done with it?

In between all this Junior wants us to have a cosy night in....watching Tracy Beaker!! ho hum and.....arghhhhh!!!!!!!!


dawniy said...

Tracy Beaker , hey Min that's just spot on what you need *grins :)

Minnie said...

LOL!! Bloody TB!! Now, if they did a fortnightly rag & dvd on George Clooney:O)))))

Linda said...

LOL at puppies born under a bed - how tall is the mum dog?

My cat had her kittens under the boys bunk bed, those kittens are grown now and one has just had kittens of her own, which now reside under the boys bunks (despite being born elsewhere and all our effort to ensure she doesn't move them to under the beds!)