Sunday, 21 October 2007

Musical Bedrooms

We've been at it and doing the musical bedrooms thing, again!!

Mother is coming to live with us for a while you see....hence the swaparound. She's frightened...too many elderly people being mugged around where she is at the mo. Not enough local police pounding the beat to be off-putting to the offenders, etc. What do you do? Can't leave her there alone and too frightened to venture out. Sooooo, Junior is in the smallest bedroom, surrounded by all her pink and purple much-loved things and she seems to be in her element. As space is of a premium, she has negotiated a tft screen from Christmas me for her pc. It'll go up on the wall to save on desk space. And, as she's on a roll with this space is precious theme (and it is really) a small plasma tv has been mentioned, too!! Ten out of ten for cheek, then;O) She's finished her Horrid Henry book this morning in bed and now is onto some big, thick T Beaker books that cousin S has handed on.

Gran has bagged Olive for her own. She thinks O chose her because last time she stayed over the cat laid on her shoulder all evening, purring away...with the odd lick of Gran (as in I Love You) during the night. Hate to spoil it for her, but Olive does that anyway. The double bed in that room is HERS and so she's being friendly AND keeping warm:O) lol

As daughter is already onto Christmas, she's being organised and has started making her cards. Has to be said that they're quite good and her turnout is quite enough in her stash for a few years, me thinks:O)

All this..and it's not even Halloween yet. Well, little old me thought ahead and has got the pumpkin:O) I am thinking more on the recipe route, while Junior is more on the "cut out scary face on pumpkin" and make a lantern. There's me looking forward to pumpkin pie.

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