Saturday, 13 October 2007

Early Close

We've been out and about this aft. Escape from the poochies!!!! lol Went to local little town...thought I'd check up on a bead shop I read about in (funnily enough) a bead mag and a wool shop (heard about that one in a local shop - no I wasn't eavesdropping...she was just talking loudly!! ) Well, gets's like 2pm...should be busy, busy, busy. in hill billy land. Everything closes early on a Saturday! Why? Sigh...... No sight of anything vegan either, apart from veg - of which we have loads!

So, we visit their local little supermarket, which miraculously stays open till 6pm, gets stuff for the weekend, does lottery and slopes off home:O( Still, pooches were pleased to see us (we got them some chicken breast slices (reduced price:O)) ) Junior was pleased, too...she got her usual fix of garlic stuffed olives:O) No chance of any vampires landing in this house.....or suitors!! lol She's also into pretzels at the mo. I remember these from childhood...and I thought they were boring!! Still, each to their own.

And, why oh why did I pay the tv licence? Saturday night and the best we can get is Create & Craft, blasted sport or The X Factor!! ARGHHHH!!!!!!!! (no wonder me likes the old red wine:O))) )

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