Thursday, 25 October 2007

Fangs for the Memories!!

Just thought this was funny/cute. Junior and her fave kitten, Meg, watching the very topical Mona the Vampire together!! Sweet:O)

She's busy doing lots of Halloween things for a party we're going to. We've got pasta bats and pumpkins everywhere!!! She's also decided that she'd like to learn a little bit more about the origins of Halloween/All Hallows Eve, etc so that's another project.

I got married on Halloween and Junior thinks it's hilarious. Asked me, tongue in cheek, if we had bats and pumpkins instead of hearts and flowers as a decor theme and was my dress black? Har blummin har. The official wedding photos do look like something out of the Adams Family, though!! I kid you not. For some reason me and groom did not smile. Everything that could go wrong did. Not wonder it didn't last.

Anyway, back to all things spooky:O)

McFly the friendly fly has left the building, by the way, Bless!


deb said...

Gah, I am so not ready for Hallowe'en - and you even have a Christmas countdown on your blog! A pox on you! ;-)

Minnie said...

Nicked it off another crafter's blog!! lol

The Frankenstein's moving head is good,
Alas, I'm not sufficiently technical for it to do anything a ittle grosser! lol.