Sunday, 14 October 2007

Mini Me

Bobby dog, as we speak, is winging his way back to Essex!! Yay!!

Actually, it's quite quiet now:O) (Proves that the girls are less yappy -doesn't seem right using the word bitches!). lol Also means I can now titter away at the exploits of the guys on Top Gear! lol My fave prog. They're trying to cross the Channel in a modified car and beat Richard Branson's record. Three Men in a Boat type of thing!! It's so daftly schoolboyish.

Anyway, it was lovely to see my boys and a couple of their mates from the "old place" and I felt quite sentimental, actually. Hugged them all before they went, wished them safe journey and all that. Even though they are their friends, I still think of them as "mine" :O))) And... they have GROWN!! Very tall...snow on their heads sort of grown.

Soooooo, aftermath of plenty of dog hoover has blown up!! Blimey, my life gets better!!!

Am off to watch a programme about mathematically gifted children..o few of whom are on the autistic spectrum. Fascinating stuff...but, even though I'm ok at maths, this maths is way beyond me. The "personal" sort of slant on it makes me a bit sad. Too cold.

Junior, however, has ressurected her badge-making kit. She's forgotten what to do to make a new badge. I've left her to it to figure out things. Of course, she's having a strop but she hasn't asked for help....she's determined to figure it out for herself.. I've directed her a little the "read the instructions" sort of way. However, knowing Junior, that'll be the last resort!!!

The phrase 'Won't be told" comes to mind.

She doesn't half remind me of me!!!!:O)))

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