Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Pink Hearts

If you put the mouse over Frankenstein's head it moves!!

Junior made some pink iced biccies today. They've been iced for about an hour and I should say that half the quantity has been scoffed already:O)

Straight out of the oven

All nicely pink:O)

As this is a home ed blog, I've decided to set up other craft and vegan blogs so as not to bore anyone who comes on here expecting to read about home edding stuff. Not sorted it out properly yet....and there's a surprise!!

We're still in the process of the musical bedroom change, so stuff all over and MUCH being shoved into the garage at every given opportunity!! lol Junior's is pretty well sorted.

Have to decide what colour to decorate my bedroom. Decisions, decisions...and I am tending towards chalk white floorboards, white skirtings and some red on the walls. Bit passionate for a singleton. lol!!! Imagine what my mum is going to think of that....she of white walls and no dust fame! lol.

Sorry for the uninteresting, depressing blog. Am feeling very down due to some family stuff. Might blog about it once it's
sort of sorted. It is half term, so I am conciously giving home ed a rest this week. Need the head space for now.

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