Saturday, 6 October 2007

Pink Hair and Party!!

New Letts learning book arrived today. Junior not impressed and neither was her HE mate.

I'm still recovering from the dastardly flu; Junior seems fine although she's got her days mixed up and is a day ahead. Anyway, so tonight she and my orbiting head hovered to a nearby supermarket to gather in much needed supplies. She did the maths again and wangled a High School Musical mag out of me:O) She did want a Bratz one, but by the time we'd wandered around Asda she'd read it, so logic in her said that there was no point in buying it:O)

For a change, on entering the supermarket, we were not greeted by the usual early Christmas merchandise but a whole aisle devoted to Halloween!! Now, my mother would be mortified at such a thing, her being the religious type and not a fan of the old horror movies and all such things associated with 31st Oct in that regard, etc. She's adamant that you don't muck about with stuff like know, supernatural stuff, etc!! You keep well away or else you're tempting fate...... So, she definitely doesn't get the commercial Halloween... and neither do I really..but I'm just a misery lately plus I just hate the commercialism!! Junior is, however, taken with it's the dressing up you see, bright colours for monsters nowadays, watching too much Charmed and the prospect of a party:O) We came away with a witch's hat with attached pink hair!!!

The hat won't last long, I fear. Too much interest being shown by inquisitive kittens:O)) And talking of kittens. Here am I...middle of the night (nearly 3am)....up because kittens have inadvertently been allowed to kip this they are in PARTAAY MOOD now!!! Yay!! "Let's whizz round like loonies and wake the neighbours up!!!" type of party mood...Old misery guts here thinks not...especially not in The House with Echo Floorboards!! So here am I, entertaining them...quietly....... until they drop off to sleep (I live in hope). If that fails then I'll have to ply them with cooking sherry!!! (joke, by the way) Trouble I have is that Olive has found a new game called "Snotting the Older Cats"... as in "surprise!! ", jump up and whack 'em with paw and run off in the opposite direction. She thinks it's such fun!!! Knackered older cat does not but remains remarkably tolerant! Megan is into jumping off Junior's wardrobe onto echo floorboards!!! "Weeeeeeeeee!' and Pops is being Pops and cuddling up to sleeping Junior and keeping warm...sensible mog. He does think the bed is his you see and is allowing her on. Nice guy, eh?

Well, back to my new career as party organiser:O) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mother and Special Effects Junior!!


Linda said...

Just popped by to say hello, loved reading about the antics of your kittens, lol!


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