Wednesday, 31 October 2007


We went to a great Halloween party tonight, hosted by some fellow home edders.

Junior had a ball ..being apple-bobbed, balloon stamped and fortune told......and I had the new experience of being mummified!!! No doubt the photos will end up on our hosts' blog at some point in time. But, if so, I will get my revenge!! har har!!!!

En route to the party, we nipped in the the famous Home Bargains for a furry cat igloo... purchased for just £3.99...and the last in our purchasing trilogy. We now have one each for the kitties...all different designs, of course! The older cats..... who are way wiser, don't give a sod about such things and brazenly kip on the posh sofa:O) It's like "pfffffffp. (cat version of a raspberry) up your's mate, I ain't kipping in a pet bed!! Nooooo nooooo....sofa for me!!!!" Anyway, in Home Bargains, a lady said she thought Junior looked really beautiful and asked where I got her cloak from, so I told her I made it with recycled, charity shop dresses, to which we got the "Oooooo, lovely".
Believe you me, I have tried to get this the right way up, but iMac is not having sorry for cricked necks!!!

Walking to our "venue" we noticed that not many people were dressed up. Didn't spot one. We seemed to be the only ones. Maybe we were early? Maybe people are too embarassed and only travel by car, Anyway, Junior got lots of admiring glances...she being the beautiful, good witch...I was the old hag!!

Forgot to buy the lightbulbs AND batteries for the torch. Too much rushing about. Plonker or what? Thank God for the fridge light:O)

If the landing light pings tonight, then you will hear me scream!!!!

By the way, if I were still married, then it would be my wedding anni today - 20 years...arghhh. Hmmmm, wonder if he's bald yet?

Happy Halloween/Samhain.

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