Sunday, 27 December 2009


We seem to be thawing out around here. Don't know what it's like elsewhere, though. We've stayed in, apart from Crimble Day when we went to dinner, which was Son No 1's. Grandchild of Min was there. She's adorable. Very bright. Can count to a roundabout way. You say one, she says two, you ask what comes next..and she says...six!!! lol

We managed to drag mother along to our Crimble get together, too. She didn't want to go...citing that she was too old for stuff like that and would be in the way. Still, she was the only one who got into the swing of things re dress code........flashing Christmas tree earrings!! lol

Junior is home now and happy with her lot. She was gifted another series of Charmed and has been watching it via my new top whack dvd player, given to me by Son no 2 and his other half. Bless xx

Bro's dog is still here. He's like a Scooby Doo type. Huge. Not one bit of malice in him, so the cats like him:o) He's taken a liking to my sofa, though:o)

Did anyone hear the screams? This week, I have managed to conk out 3 hoovers!!! What is it with them? lol Very odd and frustrating. Two are basically kaput. The other one, a Vax, hoovers for about a minute then conks out for half an hour, so living room takes about 2 hours to hoover! Carpets and me just don't go. lol

There were other screams, too!!

Bro is down for Crimble, too..with adult niece. They're staying in comfort at Mother's...and she's loving it. Fussing around them:o) This wasn't the intention, but there you go. Anyway, he brought food contribution down and packed them away here. He brought some meat down! Eeeew.

When we were little, we had to make do with the cheaper bits of meat. Mother used to make brawn...which Dad and everyone loved. Yuk.. It's basically meat in natural jelly and fat. But, we were poor and that's what there was to eat. So, he brought the 'ingredients' down...hoping that Mother would make him some. She will, of course do that. These ingredients have been in my fridge for 2 days...wrapped tightly in a carrier bag on the bottom shelf. What are they?......pigs trotters! EEEEEEEWWWWWW! They sell them at the local supermarket here and are, obviously, displayed in the meat chiller bit. They look just like chopped off hands! Yuk.

Niece wants to do something creative while she's here. So, might teach her how to crochet tomorrow:o) She wants wrist warmers:o) These javelin throwers!! She's gonna win the Olympics!!!!

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