Friday, 18 December 2009

Cats and Mice

Junior is in the throes of making Chrissy pressies for the mogs now. Catnip mice and a few fishing rods with catnip animals of the end of the line:o)

The mogs are on to her and have, alas, sussed out her hiding place for the catnip stash. So, they are road testing her makes.

I've managed to get a few piccies up. Have to say that the mac is MUCH easier for this sort of thing. I cannot get the text to line up properly with the piccies!! Some of the other piccie makes are much better.

Latest instalment of the Dark Lord Badman blog is up. Hilarious.

Bart..getting to know his catnip mouse.

Newly created catnip mouse

Junior's Cats and Dogs on a Tree card

The Naughty Angel - The book is titled How To Be Good


anna said...

phh how on earth do you manage to get veterinary help for your cats...we have 8 of them, and being on income support is really hard, but necessary to home school. our kitties have been coughing and hacking like they have furballs, but they dont..they are a bit rattly this morning ive got them booked for 9 am tomorrow. i wonder if i tell the ver i have an expenditure of 60 quid only..he can give me at least some basic antibiotics for my kitties. they need my othrs..i had homes for them but the bloody woman returned the 4 after 3 weeks..cos shed bought a lurcher....and it bit one..omg !!!!! love yer blogs !!!

Minnie said...

Hope yours are ok:o) Sounds like they might need an antibio jab if it's the start of cat flu. Good luck:O)

Some of mine are really good at furballing! Better out than in, though. I keep all mine indoors and they get the run of the place...lots of warm comfy boxes and bedding:o) I'm always washing! They whizz about like loonie then conk out. My mother despairs...thinks I should get shut and only keep the pretty ones. sigh... The older three mogs just want to kip all the time...and they growl now and again...just to keep the young uns in order. lol

I'm very fortunate in that I have a few friends who are all into cat and pet welfare and have formed a 'network' of help, so we help each other out. Donated food gets split, medicines at cost price thanks to a really lovely vet, jumble sales held to raise money, etc. Maybe there's a similar thing near you?

anna said...

ohh dear...antibiotics all round and lots of tlc...they do indeed have catty flu..probs carried by one of our vaccinated ones !!! so each one hasa ten day dose and mamma cat too...cost 57 quid today and probs another 35 on weds when i collect more tabs...least they will soon be feeling better though !!! xxx

Minnie said...

Oh dear.

My mate has 30plus at the mo. She is completely mad and works her backside off for the animals. She has cat flu in the house at the mo and her lot have had 5 injections!!!! Apparently, signs of cat flue are...lack of play/lethargic, watery eyes, sneezing then coughing. My lot were starting with it last year and I couldn't afford the vet, so I rubbed Vick on their chests and kept them warm and it seemed to do the trick.

Apart from the permanent 20 rescues that my friend looks after permanently, she has about 10 kittens in for rehoming (she looks after them when they are taken in by the Pets Welfare that we support . Then another lady does the home checking.) She spoils them rotten. They get chicken not common all garden pet food!! lol

My lot were SOOOOO happy today, 'cos we got them Whiskas:o)))...if was on offer...cheaper than the other stuff.

If you get stuck for cat litter, then tear up newspapers and magazines and use that. Put a layer of mag/newspaper pages on the bottom of the tray and add the torn up newspapers/mags. They do get used to it and it's not as heavy, obviously, as cat litter. Thinking of your bin here. My lot are used to it. Just have a supply of torn up paper ready. I use EVERYTHING. Even been known to go into Tesco's and Argos to get some of their free catalogues. Out of date telephone directories, Junk mail too! If the litters get soiled and crappy then use a mop and bucket to clean it out...bleached water with fabric conditioner in (smells nice)...and tip up to dry. We have loads of litters. Those in use and those that have been cleaned and are 'airing off'. Hope you get on ok:o) x

anna said...

they did have cat each got a ten day supply of antibiotics...70 quid well spent !!!! aarrgghh. i wish i lived near to the its a good 20 min drive and we sold the car at the end of summer......still this vet seems nice maybe we can negotiate splitpayments if we ever needed to. i also found a very cheap pet insurance which would cover 8 cats and a dog for around 40 quid per month total..and the pay out was the first 35 quid..the vet seemed to think the best plan is pet plan which costs a bloody arm and a leg anyway.. !!!

anna said...

cant beleive i had seniley duplicated my message to you...omg im losing it lol

Minnie said...

Your vet sounds nice.:o) My former one told me that the PDSA was for 'people like me'!!! A few months earlier I had spent hundreds on identichipping and neutering! They were happy to take my money then, but when I was short they didn't want to know. Wouldn't even give a pain killing injection until the money was paid there and then (thanks to my son's other half. £25. At cost it's £5, so a 2 min consultation was £20!! Meanwhle, my poor cat's mouth was crunched due to a dog attack and I was sent off to PDSA, not even knowing if they'd see me. In tears and with poor cat, not knowing if she'd be ok. Maybe the Pet Plan thing is commission based? Do a comparison on the net. One of the supermarket ones is supposed to be really good. Can't remember if it's Tescos, Asda or Sainsburys. Hope your babies get better.x