Friday, 11 December 2009

Sphincter Muscle is Shot!!!

This is nothing to do with home ed......or ....maybe it is?

The ptb keep harping on about sex education. Like the kids need to know...asap!!!

Well, Junior's had a gut full of that...what with kitten and puppy births. She knows what goes in and what comes out!!! So, Mr.Ms Tick Box LA person...we are WAY head of you there!!!

What about pelvic floors? Is that on the NC. Bloody well should be!!!

Mine has upped and gone. Got wood rot. Call it what you's shot!!

From getting the 'urge', I have, usually, about ten seconds to get to the bog to avert disaster. Getting to la loo is often a long shot (no pun intended), especially with rickety joints Neighbours can surely hear me cursing as I lose the race to the Armitage Shanks bowl of relief.!! Hence, strategically placed bucket downstairs!!!

I am such a catch and such a sex god.

No wonder the cats love me so much:o)))

I should rename myself P Schooler.

Yes...Ha bloody har!!!

Keep saying this, but thanks to whoever for Tena Lady and her ilk:o)))


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anna said...

this is brilliant ....thanks hahahahahaha x