Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Emancipation of Min's Feet

A while back, I was supposed to have done the deed on my feet.......Operation Trim Ingrowing Toenails.

My feet were not a pretty sight, with toenails so long that they resembled pork scratchings!! No word of a lie. Paint one toenail and you'd need a whole pot of nair varnish, or so it seemed! lol What, with this affliction and the rickety/distorted joint thing walking was sometimes blummin hard, painful work!! lol

Anyway, I chickened out of Op TIT.

Clippers weren't up to the job...or was it more like my joints weren't up to it and it would have hurt anyway!!!. Yes, yes..I know...A workman shouldn't blame his tools..sort of thing springs to mind here.

Anyway, yesterday, after a marathon 2 hour soak in the bath I did it!

It was a minor miracle that I was able to bend over enough to catch sight of my toenails, let alone clip without amputating tootsies. (Eyesight's shot, too!!!),,,But miracles happen:O)

YAY!!! Freedom. Hello trainers and normal shoes:o)))

My tootsies have been emancipated and the pork scratching toenails are GONE!!!!!

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