Sunday, 20 December 2009


Being the poor git that I am, I have been stashing bits and bobs away for Crimbo. Not much, though. Just a cupboard full of stuff, because there's just 'the two of us'.

So.....Junior is a chocolate lover...Yum!

She asks tonight if there is anything chocolatey in the house?...she has the munchies:o)


"What about the chocolate shells?"

"They are for Crimbo" replies mean mummy.

"Oh" sighs poor, deprived child!!

Anyway, Old Git has run out of Ibuprofen for rickety joints. So....we don our gear and head out into the night.

Opens the door and there is snow....lots of it...and it's still coming down.

Was lovely, actually, to walk in it. What I like about snow is the silence:o) It muffles all the crap away from you. Good.

So, we waddle down to local off licence and grab supplies.......Chocolate, coke and red wine. Forgot the rickety joint pills, didn't I!! Arghhhhh

Still, all is well. Junior is happily indulging in her treats, watching Santa Who.

Me? I am just about to embark on a chocolate shell....just the one.

At £1.39 a box it would have been cheaper to stay at home and let Junior loose on them, rather than dole out the £6.40 Min did at the local overpriced Offy. Still, I plied her with nutritious lentil soup and paninni bread beforehand. Lentil soup is lovely, by the by, for all those unbelievers!!!! lol

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Minnie said...

You will be pleased to know that I resisted the chocolate shell:o)

Box remains intact and still in Crimbo stash cupboard.