Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Son No 1 took Junior out shopping just before Crimble and very kindly bought her some designer track suit bottoms. He and his brother have been trying to change her into a boy for years!! (Family joke) When she was way younger, the boys taught her many a rugby move, along with the footie stuff. She, in exchange, used to paint their toenails......practice, you see:o))) This particular beauty treatment, I am sure, has been erased from their memory. lol

Anyway, today she decides to wear the track suit bottoms, along with matching black GI Jane vest. Hair is in a ponytail..so she looks a right Lara Croft type!......except for the pink boottee slippers, red lipstick and nails:o) Atta girl!!

She has expensive taste. Has taken a liking to my Safari perfume. There's only a bit left, so she can have it:o) The bottle is lovely, too, she tells me. So it sits on her dressing table, along with a hundred or so beauty bits and bobs.

Aaaaaah.....one day she'll get fed up of the clutter and give it me back. lol


anna said...

totally love your blog !!!! happy newyear......i seriously thinking of keeping my little one away from school too !!!!

Minnie said...

Happy New Year to you, too, Anna

You must do what you think is best for you and your little one. Home edding is great for us. Best decision I ever made. Pity the govt is trying to outlaw it.

Have you got a blog?

anna said...

no i dont know how to make them..and mine will be tragically boring if i did....... i might thinkk of having a go..i can always write about beans in my allotment.....my kids fighting all day...or my on/off relationship with my american bloke..lololol..i could write a lot actually x