Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Snowing cats and dogs


First thing is first.

Hope you all have a Merry, Peaceful and Happy Christmas:o))...if that's what you are in to....The Christmassy stuff, I mean.

Myself, I could do with Christmas not appearing for another two weeks. I was so determined to get sorted this time for once...but seems not to be.

I'm on upped dose for the joints. Central heating has to be on 24/7 and even then I sometimes have to wear three jumpers, scarf and fingerless gloves to keep warm. Junior walks around in a vest top, meanwhile. lol

Weather here is terrible. Nearly crashed the car tonight. Snowed again. Was coming back from Mother's after another ear-bending/angst session....I was only going about 15mph, so had to put it into 4wd and tootle on at a slow pace.

Bro and niece are landing tomorrow:o) I'm so pleased to have them here. Been a long time since we were together. First time Christmas, too. His dog and cat are coming too:o) Cilla is, conveniently, on heat! So, when we go to Son No 1's for Crimble dinner, then dog has to sit in car!! He can howl to his hearts content there:o) Son is taking Junior Crimble shopping tomorrow and she's staying over at his. Lots of time for her to play on all his assorted computer games AND WATCH TV.....EASTENDERS!!! LOL

Niece is good at computer thingies. Maybe she can sort out the mac problem? She has a university education, after all!! Would be heaven:o))

I have upped my rickety joint doses like I said and the swelling has gone down. Wonder for how long? Wonder if Rose Hip Syrup tablets would work? Any ideas?

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anna said...

hope you feel better soon. i have something going on in my shoulder..and the pain is iknow its a nuisance and a painful one at that..merry christmas xxxxx