Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Dog is on my bed.

Curled up all nicely...bottomish of the bed. I am constantly reminded by all and sundry that I am way too soft with said pooch. I beg to differ and all that. Anyway...around here you have to collar and tag your dog when taking them out...incase they get lost, etc, so you can be traced and pooch returned to rightful owner. Fair enough.

My dad hated this. The collar stuff. He wouldn't tolerate any of our dogs having collars on in the house. Too demeaning...too strangling He said it also spoiled their coats. VCL......Visible Collar Line!

I normally take Cilla's collar off when we get in from a walk. I sort of followed Dad's vision on this. I agree. I also hate cows being branded, sheep being dye marked, etc..all that sort of stuff.
Alas, with all things going on of late here, I forgot...until tonight, to take off Cilla's collar. Dog was laid out on I took her collar off.

Cilla, bless her, gave me her paw in thanks:o) She's such a sweetie:o)))) And I am such an arse!!!

Maybe it's the buddhist in me that thinks that one day I might come back as a dog or the like and I would really prefer to be able to kip on a nice comfy duvan with my human and be treated nicely:o) lol

We were at Mother's yesterday and on the tv was a bloke from Ecover..the eco washing people. (their washing up liquid is divine). Junior asked what he was all about, so I explained. Then the conversation got on to animal management. No idea why. Intensive farming, etc. Facts of life . Not just about sex, is it? Kids need to know how and where food comes from, just as much as sex and the baby stuff.

Today, we are exploring the hydrologial cycle. Why are there so many floods and all that, I am asked? So, I explains Seem to remember this in A level geography. Then, eco stuff came into the conversation, again. Think she gets it. Maybe I could arrange for a trip to a sewerage plant to help the understanding? I'm trying to get across the buildup of gases not being good. Maybe I should 'store' some of the cat poop to get the 'not nice gases' theory across? lol

Still, I have one lovely daughter who is kind and considerate and no way a spoiled brat. Blooming miracle:o) And I won't have her 'education' spoiled by the likes of Badman and Balls!!!

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