Saturday, 12 December 2009

New Look

Junior looks a vision in pink today:o)

Pink everything, including slipper boots. Hair is in plaits 'cos Mother told her it will grow better and thicker, so it's the Mini Ha Ha look for her:O) Minimal hairbrushing is a Junior thing:O) lol

Christmas tree is, remarkably, still upright; now adorned with a solitary star and half dressed angel. Junior actually admitted that pink is not a good colour for the angel, so it has a purple skirt:O) (It's actually a cut down party hat that we have from Honey Pot's party). We need more decorations, so are going about this the frugal way, which is doing J's head in. lol So, she's munching a croissant, watching Friends while she contemplates how to get her tree decorated to Junior standard. I can see a colour scheme coming here, or maybe she'll surprise me and go for the pizza everything on..the more colours the merrier.'

I'm going to attempt to make seitan (vegan 'meat') this weekend. See if it's as easy to concoct as they say. Maybe do the garlic sausage flavoured one. Plus, I have all the ingredients in for borscht, which we haven't had in AGES. Have to get practising for Uki Crimbo:O) We have got visitors coming again tomorrow, so I shall test it on them....bro in law is always up for some grub:o) lol

We met a social worker who works with the mentally ill yesterday. Apparently, we are the first home edders she has met! She knew about the gvt's plan to stitch us up, though!

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