Saturday, 5 December 2009

Misery Guts

Did not sleep a wink last night.

Think it might be something to do with rock hard mattress, lack of comfy pillows and a blummin dado rail which is just at 'sitting up in bed height!' Arghhhh No headboards in this house. What luxury!

So, I'm walking around like a Thunderbirds puppet..what with stiff neck and rickety joints...I'm such a catch:o)) lol Junior finds it amusing.

Still, thank god for Ibuprofen and paracetamol :o)

J is happy. We lugged the HUGE tv upstairs. One step at a time. So, she can watch her dvds and play her games in her room. Saves my sanity from all the annoying music that these games seem to generate. Plus, it means I have my table back:o) (tv was on this, thus hindering any craft work)

Laptop still has a mind of its own. I wrote a longish, funny post about a mirror set I put up and which then decided to extricate itself from the wall in the middle of the night...nearly braining the sleeping, snoring dog in the process! Then, another bit about me hobbling downstairs in the middle of the night to get my pain relief tablets and elderly cat following me in the hope of an illicit treat. Instead, my feet accidentally found contact with her tail......resulting in high pitched feline 3.30am. Bet neighbours are pleased with me. lol But.... It wiped it all out. Annoyed not the word. ******** thing!!!!!****** F'ing and blinding with a stiff neck is hard work!!! lol Laptop of the devil won't let me cut and paste either. Think it might be possessed!!.par for the course in this house. To cap it all, we have succumbed to the 'sniffles'.....Stiff neck with dribbly hooter. Lovely:o)

Now I know why people stick their heads in ovens.

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