Saturday, 19 December 2009

Spuds Glorious Spuds!

We're on a mission to see how many different dishes we can make from potatoes.

Need to make cheap filling meals:o)...or else Santa won't be coming here.

Last night it was Leek and Potato soup, which was yummy. Junior ate two bowlfuls, of the Friends capuccinno cup size!! We're going to Son No 1's for Crimble dinner and this is the starter, which he has asked me to make. So, J and I road tested it and for my first attempt it was not bad at all.

(Serves 2)

1 Large Leek, sliced. I used both green and white parts.
3 large Potatoes diced
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
1 Pint Veg stock (I used 2 oxo cubes..1 was not flavoursome enough)
Good pinch Parsley
Good pinch salt and pepper
Double Cream - Optional.

1. Saute leeks until soft. Don't let them brown

2. Add diced potatoes and garlic. Saute for about 5 mins

3. Hot Veg Stock and Parsley..or whatever herbs you fancy.

4. Season.

5. Allow to simmer for about 20 mins until the potatoes are cooked. Stir it now and again, so it doesn't 'stick' at the bottom of the pan.

6.Check the seasoning. There's nothing worse than bland soup!!

7. You could blend this if you want a smoother soup, but I just used a potatoe masher so there was still a bit of texture, which Junior likes. Saves washing up, too.

8. We had some double cream in so I put in a tablespoon of that just before serving.

9. Eat:o) We gobbled it up and then thought about piccies later! lol


anna said...

potato and onion curry xx its yummy !!!

anna said...

potato and onion curry is lovely xx