Monday, 20 October 2008

Words and Poo

I have two Sunday papers delivered.  The Times and the Mail.  Big workout for the paperboy, as these babies weigh a ton, what with all the supplements, etc!!  Takes him ages to post them all through the letterbox.  I am hoping that Junior will take more of an interest in these 'publications' than the red tops which seem to be her brothers' preference.  

We're starting a project on the history of fashion.  Makes sense, given the size of her bulging wardrobe, drawers, overflow wardrobe in spare room, etc.   It's safe to say that she has a healthy interest in this so we'll/should cover loads of subjects in all this:o)  Fashion supplements have their uses:o))...even if you can't afford anything in them.

I only get the Mail 'cos of the crossword.  Big prize if you win:o)  Older brother, who lives up north,  does all the filling in and I look up any answers he's stuck on on the good old internet.  If he wins we'll split the prize.  Yay!!!  Mind you, by the time/if we win then my share should just about cover the cost of calls to his mobile!  lol  Anyway, tonight he rings up and only needs help on five of the clues.  FIVE!!!   Yes.....he got more than his fair share of the family brains. 

Then, when paper has been read, it all gets torn up into little squares and used as cat litter:o)  The sports pages go in straight away as they don't interest us at all and the last ones in are usually the financial pullouts.    Wish I had the money to do something with the advice given.  lol

So, today, we've been holed up.  Too cold to go out when one feels yukky and fluey.  Junior has been deciding what to go as to a Halloween party she's been invited to.  It is mostly sorted...she likes to be prepared!!  She's also been looking at party food to take as our contribution.  Top of her list is a topical for us concoction named "Cat Litter Cake".   Throwing herself totally into party mode, she can't understand why I think it's a bad who would want to eat THAT?  It's presented in a cat litter tray (obviously new, unused, sterile, etc) and served with a poop scooper.  Classy, eh?  Lol


Dawny said...

awww eugh that sounds nasty lol

Grit said...

that is foul ... it still wouldn't be foul enough to stop any of my lot scoffing it though!