Thursday, 23 October 2008


Did not sleep very well.  Cough, cough, cough, sore chest, etc:o( I am still really sad about my fave list being battered and abused.

But, things still need doing here and I need to go out and get supplies.  It's blowing a wet gale so I reckon we'll have to taxi it back as I think I'll keel over if we get the bus back with all the shopping.   Wish you could get your shopping delivered by the likes of Tesco and Asda and pay cash on delivery.  That would save me SO much hassle.  I also have to do my CME consultation response today.  I am hoping that brain will have cleared up by tonight.  I also have tons of photos to load up.  The memory card on my camera is full and I have to figure out how to upload.  Computer is not allowing it at the minute, which is stressing me out a tad.  I have an instruction manual, but it's in French.  Can't find the English version one anywhere.  It's probably been tidied away by Junior to a 'never to be found again' place.  This happens all the time here.  Sigh....

Junior, meanwhile, is driving me mad.  She's a 'furniture moverarounder".   I do not want this activity when I am feeling like death warmed up, so I had a bit of a tantrum this morning and told her to stop.  It used up all my remaining 'voice' so now I am using sign language!!   She just wants to help and I know I am being a crabby old cow.  So, I have promised her she can do this when I feel better and not when I am orbiting around the front room because of this lurgy.   I have to keep away from Mother, too.  Getting flu at her age is a no no.  

Junior is one for maximising space  (more room for all her rubbish...err.stuff.)  And....she has plans for redecorating.  I think I have me a budding interior designer here.  It's the Schooler creative streak!!    I did do this at night college and so have all the tools for drawing plans, etc.  I think I may let her have a go and see what she comes up with., but she is so impatient and wants it all done NOW!!   Sigh........       We are already on with painting the bathroom (4th time in 3 years).  This time we are veering away from aqua!, which will go well with white suite and pine bath cladding and door.  'Tis her choice and it does actually look quite nice...and warm....and clean:o))   Upstairs floorboards everywhere are to be painted chalky white for the shabby chic look, with rugs here and there.   Don't do carpets.  I have non stop hoovering here anyway, so don't want more....hoover will complain.  lol

Anyway, we are about to depart for supplies.  Wish me luck that we manage to get home before I keel over.

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