Monday, 13 October 2008


Still mighty grumpy, due to this 'wandering' arthritis/ really sore bones/rheumatism that I have been suffering with lately... it's now in my hands...and it hurts!!  Can't bear to lift them up.  Times like this when I miss having a partner for the moral/emotional/physical support. 

I'm trying to keep it 'light' so have been sort of playing the comedian as I don't want to worry her unduly, seeing as I am the only parent.  Junior tittered when I was hopping about, trying to get dressed today which, by the time I could manage, was after lunch time.  Bath time was, err, interesting!!!  Lord knows how people who have to cope with this 24/7 manage?  I am really peed off with it!!  House is a tip as I can't manage to hold anything so housework is out (Junior does her bit and that's enough)  Central heating is on as it soothes the pain, just a little.  I've even raided Junior's Calpol stash now 'cos Ibuprofen doesn't help. lol  On the educational side... Junior learned how to put a wrist support bandage on:o))  With this 'wanderingitis' who knows what she'll be bandaging tomorrow?  lol

Joys of old age.   Grumpy old woman that I am!!

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Dawny said...

Awww that sounds horrible darling,
xx (i'll email you)