Sunday, 26 October 2008

Phantom Prints

Been trying to finish off the bathroom...the one with new red and white theme:o)  

Junior, in her new role as Interior Designer,  is always keen to assist when it comes to painting and decorating and is busting a gut to get in there and slap more paint on!  The more the better...bit like a pizza!    Trouble is, most of it ends up anywhere but on the walls.  Sadly, I've been just as bad , as iffy joints just had to start and give me jip when I donned paint brush and attempted to climb decorating ladder.  It's a bit of a pain (sorry, no pun intended) painting with the 'wrong' hand and harder still when trying to paint nice, clean, level edges!  Sigh.   

Anyway,  my 'assistant' and I have got on ok with it.  I also seem to have a phantom assistant who is much into 'inspecting" the work by the looks of it.  Let's call it quality control.    No, 'tis not the ghost...  It's a four-legged assistant.   How do I know this....ahhh.... little red paw prints on the landing and stairs just give it away:o))  lol

Must try and suss out camera to get photos up.

Meanwhile, Junior has a Moodboard at the ready for the next decorating project.....MY bedroom.  She thinks purple and red would be cool!!  Hmmm.   I was thinking more along the lines of shabby chic type duck egg blue and cream   Maybe I need to point her in the direction of a colour wheel.  She won't listen, though, 'cos she's always right!!    Wonder where she gets that  from?  lol

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Dawny said...

purple and red sounds nice to me :-) is that pruple with red footprints? lol