Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Sad and Mad and Language, Timothy!

I'm really sad...and bloody mad!!

My favourite home ed list is closing down.  One of those REAL  lifeline/chill out/best place to hang out/share your troubles or happiness/talk about anything places.

It's become overpopulated with plonkers who just don't know when to stop whining and bloody moaning and the really nice list owner has had enough.  Been battered with all the bickering, nastiness, oneupmanship and playground stuff.   My ex..Man Of Few Words,  would call these 'people'  arseholes.  Hmm.  excellent description!!! 

Myself..I think it's been deliberately sabotaged.  One less 'competitor' to deal  with...sort of thing.   Shame on them!!


Dawny said...

Oh dear Min :-(

Ruth said...

Yes the cyber drums hzve been banging. It is a real shame. Pity they can't get rid of the moaners aka a ******es and carry on :(