Thursday, 16 October 2008

Ear Plugs Required

I keep wishing for a lie-in. 

I am not well, so I need one.  Bit poorly...old joints....flu symptoms have arrived now that it's Autumn..and now earache!!  I have been best friends with Ibuprofen lately.

Most parents with youngish kids and pets don't enjoy a full night's they?  We toss and turn because of over active brains that refuse to switch off and relax.  Then I need the loo....two times.   Then a couple of the mogs decide to yowl about something, etc.   So you are up and down, sorting stuff out.  I'm often driven to swear like a trooper at this time of night!!

So, I normally get off to The Land of Nod and stay there 'til about 4am.  No reason why I wake at this time.  Must be my natural wake up rehearsal alarm.  Actually, thinking about it, it's due to worry.  Have I locked the door (but it's too bloody cold to get out of bed and check?)  Did I turn the cooker off?  (ditto)   Did I let the dog back in or is she freezing outside, unable to get her tubby self into the house through the knackered-again hole in the door that used to be a cat flap? (ditto again, but at least she has a fur coat!!)    How am I going to pay for THAT bill?...etc.      Brain is then in orbit....whizzing about like an out of control Starship Enterprise, no Captain Kirk in sight and so not doing as its told and going to bed!!!   Eventually, after a cup of chamomile and honey, the loo, reading this month's knitting mags (sorry, that should be squinting at) I go to bo bo's:o)   

Then!!!...before you know it,  bloke across the road, with the "Ooooo, listen to my REALLY loud exhaust" revs up and goes to where ever.  This is around 5.30am.    Arghhhh!   Half the neighbours are awake by then.  They all seem to go to the loo in sequence...and flush in sequence!!!!!  Ah, the joy of thin walls:o)  No farting in private in Hill Billy Land.   I nod off again..eventually.   Bliss.   I am so tired...have weird dreams...some are nice  ..and try as I may, I can never remember them!!!   Arghhh!   Then.....

Bloody builders!!!!!  They are in attendance, across the road and seem to take great pleasure in doling out an 8am wake up call....with a VERY noisy and irritating circular saw, which seems to be on all the time to chop up the millions of patio bricks that they have had delivered.  Sigh........And Junior sleeps through all this..even when she sleep walks...but that's another story:o)

Don't worry.  I am plotting revenge:o)))   


Dawny said...

good luck with your counter attack lol

Anonymous said...

Ooh some of that sounds very familiar! Hope you manage a better sleep soon :)

Hi by the way! Nice to have found your blog.

Minnie said...

Hi Debs. Nice to meet you too:o))

Hi Dawny....It's hard plotting revenge in zombie mode. lol