Friday, 24 October 2008

Apples, Ears and Holes:o)))

Junior is well into the swing of Halloween pre-partying!!  Unfortunately, I think she has got Halloween and Bonfire Night mixed up just a tad.  She has been making Halloween 'food'........toffee apples covered with hundreds and thousands, except instead of toffee it is Tesco's finest chocolate.....and the hundreds and thousands!!   They are hardening off in the fridge as we speak.  I suppose chocolate covered apples finished off with hundreds and thousands would score more points with Mother than, say, Dead Man's Fingers...or the famous Cat Litter Cake:o))  

I have bought an extra battery operated toothbrush AND extra floss..just in case!!

My flu pain is moving on.....into my ear.  Yes earache....a pain in the......ear!  Mother thinks it serves me right for not wearing my snoopy hat that makes me look stupid today when Junior and I walked the mile and a half down to her place...and back I will have you know.   We'll be as fit as butchers dogs in no time with this exercise regime.  Even Cilla dog is pooped with all this walking:o)

We can't find a catflap to replace the one that we had that the cats knackered, leaving us with a hole in the door where the catflap used to be.   Sigh....   So, we need to go further afield and find the nearest Pets at Home and get a replica tomorrow.  Why?  Because taping up the hole in the door with cardboard and ducktape is not working.  They get out!  My kittens are GOOD little escapees.  lol.  Well, come tomorrow night babies (when I have fitted new catflap that fits),  just you try getting out!!  lol

Meanwhile.....I have new battery operated toothbrush and dental floss at the ready.   Junior has just demolished the first apple.. covered with Tescos finest chocolate and hundreds and thousands'.


Dawny said...

Sounds yummy, Lana has a bad throat and ear, you must have caught it cyberly lol
how are the kittens doing? and how many did you end up keeping?
Yes i know i'm nosey , must come over for a cuppa xx

Minnie said...

Nine!! They're all lovely....and loyal:o)))