Tuesday, 14 October 2008


We went to a new home ed meet.  Nice people and Junior was happy.  There were kids there of all ages..right from little toddlers upwards and they all got on so well and played together:o).....some random game at the end involving racquets, balls and running about...alot!!  Was so nice to see all those happy, smiley faces.

I've only been off-line for a short while but coming back there seems to be a lot going off re consultations and more stupid red tape, etc that will affect home edders and our rights..for the worse.  Sigh...Consultation Overload...as someone put it...enough to constipate you!!   Don't think some of these people will be happy until kids are chipped at birth!!   The AhED and EO sites have details.  Carlotta's Dare to Know blog is excellent for keeping us informed, too.   If you are a home edder in this fair land then you will be affected in some way, so get your comments in asap!!

The kittens are now at the mischievous, juvenile age and into EVERYTHING!  Usually, three times a day, they race around like loonies, chasing one another:o)  Last 'runaround' is about 8.30 - 9.30 pm.  For little things, their galloping feet make a lot of racket...on floorboards.  lol

My joints feel better today, although I'm a bit whacked with the lack of sleep.  Nurofen has helped muchly:o)   Think the old diet is to blame for some of this and my reluctance to slow down in certain departments!!!  I do feel a little 'battle weary' with a lot of things in my life at the mo but when your health is affected it sort of kicks your arse into gear!!!   So,  I'm going to start juicing again.   Small steps and all that:o))  Will start the day with an apple, carrot, celery and ginger juice - it tastes better than it sounds..honest!!  It's just the palarvar of the cleanup, especially when Junior doesn't particularly care for this juice combo, so I'll have to do a fruit one for her.  It's all well eating healthily..it's the affording it bit that's the problem when you're on a tight budget, so that's another project for Junior:o)).    Don't think I'm up to jogging yet.. with the old creaky joints being as they are, so..maybe Pilates might help?  I have a book...somewhere.  lol

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Brad said...

Sory to hear your suffering - I suffer the same in the joints when it gets wet & damp.

I hear a shot of whiskey will fix you right up! Not that I'd ever try anything like that.