Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wish Lists

I am a mean mother!!!

Junior is planning ahead for Christmas:o))  I see that she is now into lists (long ones!).... the Tesco catalogue...AND the Argos one, too.  

Now, there are  various expensive items on her wish list (computer, plasma tv, Wii, cd's, etc  lol).  She also wants fitted bedroom furniture, so she can have a more streamlined room, more floor space, etc.  She's a 'bunger'...which means when she tidies up everything gets bunged away into any drawer, wardrobe, box, etc when there is no obvious place (in her eyes) for said items.   Sigh.... So, she wants a more organised bunging system...hence fitted furniture...more storage:o))  

Well, over the years she has figured out that some pressies/wrapping papers that end up under the tree on Christmas morning look mighty like some of the pressies/wrapping papers that we have had around in our house prior to Christmas.  (Bad Mummy for not hiding them away properly!!)  I got round this by telling her that I quite like buying gifts, too so some pressies under the tree are from me.   Oooooooo!!!  Eyes light up!!      So, she has obviously churned this over in her head and figured out a foolproof way of getting her heart's desire at Christmas.  I can buy her one part of wishlist and Santa can bring the other.  She is, after all, a really, really, really good girl:o)))  I muttered something along the lines of "won't a pen and a bag of nuts do?"   sigh.....Sooooooo

We sort of had a 'talk'.

Junior now knows who Santa REALLY is...and the fitted bedroom stuff might/probably will arrive in time for her birthday next year.  This is fine by J...'cos she has time to declutter and tidy up!!!

On hearing about this little 'talk'...Son No 1 is having none of it of course and tells her that Santa is alive and well and not to forget to leave out a mince pie and carrot.  Son No 1 likes tradition.  He tends to spoil his sis at this time of the year.  'Tis partly the kid in him and also generosity...his way!    Told Son No 1  he now has a choice and can pay for either List One or List Two:o)  Moneybags!!!  Lol 


Dawny said...

Ofcourse he is well and healthy doh I don't know who let you think that rubbish ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh gawsh, just had this chat with my son, who wants a Wii and there is now way I can afford, whaih i said to him and he replyed with such faith 'Thats ok silly, Father Christmas can give it to me!' so made some noises that Father Christmas had to share his money with all the children in the world and this seemed to do the trick! Still wants a wii though! :o( Don't think operation board game will do it! :o(

Grit said...

no no no no nooooooooooooooo not christmas! not! not! not! lalalala not listening to christmas!!!

that's my answer to shark squirrel and tiger until december 23rd.