Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Been strimming at the allotment all afternoon and have lost all feeling in my feet!!

Junior has been helping...raking up the grass and has managed to build a mini haystack!!  lol  We were rained off and had to leg it home amidst a thunder storm.  Eeeek!!    There's me, pushing metal wheelbarrow with metal strimmer in it.  Junior asks if the lightning could get me!!  At least I had my rubber wellies on:o))  Wheelbarrow is in the front room...didn't have time during thunder and lightning storm to go around the back and 'park' up in the garden.

I am looking forward to a nice, hot bath and then a nice relaxing kip.  Alas, I doubt if I shall get this wish as we have a 'visitor'.    On the way out of the garden to the allotment, Olive made a fuss of something under the bushes,  Junior spotted it and gave out her customary scream.  It was a baby wood pigeon.  One-eyed at that.  It must have fallen out during the rain storms and tried sheltering under the blackberry brambles.  So, got the old budgie cage out of the garage and our friend is in the safest room in the house when it comes to keeping away from mogs.....my room!! (got a lock on, so Olive can't open it).  I have put in bread and water and a few greens and a slug for Walter Pigeon.  Tomorrow I am on the lookout for a foster home for him:o))

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