Sunday, 21 September 2008

Spider Season

We seem to be the luxury residence for spiders!! Spider Central. Have evicted loads....and of the bloody MEGA size!!

We were going to the allotment...for a spot of mowing. "Round up the kitties" I tells Junior. "OK" says she. All are one Perdy...who is notoriously SHY:o) She is the smallest of the bunch, too:o)) Anyway, tells Junior to look in my room, as that seems to be the preferred feline 'hanging out' place of late, due to BIG window sill which means lots of sunbathing space:o)

She dutifully goes up and gives her usual shriek when spotting Incy Wincy Spider. "It's bigger than the one in the bath" she tells me in high pitched and worried voice. And by God, it was.. Spider version of He-Man!!! So, another eviction takes place.....WAY away from home this time:o)) I didn't have time to take a piccy, given that this little beast was hyper and was on track to do the 3 minute mile if I didn't catch it first!!!

So, where was Perdy?    Junior, with vivid imagination and near to tears asks. "Mummy, what if she got outside and the bats get her?" (Yes, we have bats on our road and the houses are relatively young).

Soooo, we search high and low. And, half an hour later,  there she was. In my crocheting WIP (work in progress) bag, which is hung on the bottom bannister with a whole lot of other things that shouldn't be there! No wonder we couldn't find her...she chose the perfect place for a bit of p & q:o)))
Aw!! We woke Perdy up in her hidey place:o)))

Hunny Pot...what big ears you have!! And don't you seem.....bat-like...with those ears...and mouth....and look?!

What do you mean, big ears?!!!!!!!!

Brad, if I could send you one (two are better...for company) then I would. With love. xx 'cos you are a kind bloke and they'd be safe with you. Where is Star Trek Travel when you need it, huh?

This says a lot.   I'm not saying I agree with war.   Why don't our soldiers get the same respect?


Dawny said...

awwww look at those ears, she looks so cute in that bag :-) have you found homes for any of them or are they all staying with you?

Minnie said...

Let's just say, can you please point me to where i can get the food that you feed your lot on:o))? lol It's amazing how you can train them up, isn't it? They whizz about when it's play time and then eventually settle down in their favourite spots (usually my clean washing pile:o) They're not as 'rowdy' now. All different characters.

Someone enquired the other day and I didn't like the sound of them, so I said no. Just had this inkling, if you know what I mean. Can't bear the thought of cruelty.

Brad said...

I posted a pic of my Miss Lilly today if you'd like to see - She could pass for thier mother.

Living with the woods around us we have spiders galore. For Bear & Miss Lilly thay are 'protein supplements'