Monday, 15 September 2008

Eardrums Kaput!

I have not been well of late.  Not surprising really, given my age!!  lol!   That time of the month.....lately it's more that time of the fortnight, if you get what I mean?    So, don't have the energy at the mo to get out and about as much as I'd like.   Hopefully,  shall feel up to it, soon.  

The constant wittering and complaining of one certain mother is still doing my head in, which does nothing to help.   She seems very confused by anger at times.  Angry at becoming old and so she's taking it out on moi!   Which means I am in 'switch off'/ignore' mode.  We kids are such failures, did you know,  'cos we are not all married, have big fat salaries, nice house, etc.  In other words, have the life she once wanted.   We're sort of happy as we are, but she doesn't get it.   Everything was ok, once upon a time, when we were car-mobile, but nowadays it's too difficult, time-consuming and expensive to gad around on trips together a la bus.  Think this is what she's missing...being ferried around and seeing's the being kept occupied.   I can understand how she feels, it's just the put downs that get my goat at the mo, especially when I feel like crap anyway!!   Would be nice to have a little runaround, though....with James Bond type ejector seat:o)  I jest!!!

When I explained to mother that I was feeling crap and why...she reminded me that I could still, theoretically, have more kids.  So, she tells me to get myself off to the doctor's and get 'fixed'.  Charming!!!!!

Well,  have decided that, amongst other things,  no more putting it off....I'm going to tackling this sodding washing machine, once and for all, as I'm fed up of mopping up all the leaks and I've been doing that for the best part of 18 months!!!   How hard can it be to replace a rubber door seal?  Hmmm....we shall see:o))  Will take me three weeks to save up for the part, so we have time to 'read and digest' fitting instructions.  A good little project for Junior to assist on.  I'll tell  mother we're doing it for the nappies!!  lol

And, continuing with my black mood.....have been thinking of giving up the allotment.  All this rain must have addled my brain!!   Allotment politics!   I just hate and despise politics.   Shall have to weigh up the pros and cons of keeping it.  Apart from the obvious, it's such a great place for Junior to learn about things not just food.....and then there's that lovely view. ..and that pentagram-shaped herb garden we had planned.  Hmmm

Ah well,  cheer up time.  When all else fails, eat pudding!!  Lots of it:o)) 


Dawny said...

ooh gosh pudding, yes comfort food - I do that too - guess that's why we aren't skinny Min :o)
hugs for all your angst, your mum sound a challenge *rolls eyes.

Gill said...

Hugs for the mother stuff. You're a trooper for putting up with it. The allotment politics sound like a pain too. It's funny, I hear about it from the opposite viewpoint through my dad, and I always tell him to spare a thought for the people with children and jobs etc. I don't think it occurs to him that it's not so easy in some circumstances to get the nail clippers to your grass paths.. *rolls eyes..*