Thursday, 18 September 2008

First Bit For Tony!! Tee Hee!!

Junior was about to sit on the "throne" when she requests my presence...with an urgent-sounding voice!!!!

Just look at what I had to evict tonight. It was rather large!! Only 'thing' I had to put it in was an empty cotton bud box. Unfortunately, it still had some sticky residue inside from the labels and Spider nearly lost a few of its legs, but I managed to set it free 'intact'. It is now roaming our road, looking for next residence!!!

Meg being dive-bombed for a quick drink!!! She always feeds them on the stairs nowadays. Funny cat!

We went to a home ed meet today and were away for ages. Kitties and Cilla were pleased to see us and very.....HYPER!!! Cilla is just so good. The kitties are lovely and SO funny but....I need to now instill a little...discipline!! No more climbing up curtains. No more jumping up on table. No more pooing in my plant pot!! No more nicking my tea when my back's turned when they have dishes full of kitten nosh and pricey Whiskas kitten milk . No more switching off the answerphone and getting us into trouble for not returning calls. Yep...discipline ...says she... who notices that Junior has been dive-bombed by five of 'em..purring away and cuddled up for the evening, or so they hope:o)))


Brad said...

It's a good thing your so far away or I'd be trying to relieve you of one of those little cuties.

Minnie said...

Aw, Brad...ta:o))) What do you want..girl or boy? lol To be honest, I (and certainly Junior) haven't really been trying that hard to find them homes. They all have a little place in our hearts:o) Sons 1 and 2 don't get it, of course. They just see kitten = money from sale!

mandy said...

LOL Tony swears blind you have cotton buds big enough for elephants.

Minnie said...

Yup, that's me....Big Ears!! lol

Spider WAS huge (spiders obviously don't gain 10 lbs on photos!!)....and quite hyper. WE had mega ones in the other house. They were so big you could almost stick a saddle on and ride them.