Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I have a little Poet:o))

Autonomous works!

Been doing a bit more English with Junior.   She likes reading but isn't much into story writing, or so I thought.  I buy her pretty journals/notebooks/pens to encourage her to write and she generally ferrets away, mostly art, doodles, lists, etc.  This morning she tells me that she wants to gen up on her spelling so I ask her to dig out a little notebook/journal so she can log in the words and keep a record.  She brings one to me which is sort of half used but there are enough pages for our spelling use.  Anyway, I flicked through it and it turns out Junior, in her quieter moments,  has been busy with poetry and song writing:o)   Angels, hearts and beats are in there!!!! and even a tiny one for Gingernut!!...the dog with separation anxiety.  She wrote it while we were looking after Ging a while back.  (Gingernut, by the way, is still loyally devoted to my nephew and they are inseparable.  Even takes her to work with him.   Bless!)

For Gingernut xx

You don't have to bark
You don't have to bite
All you have to do
Is just be nice

I ask her, when did she do all this stuff, as it's very good?  "Oh, in my bedroom when I had nothing to do".  I'm glad it's happy stuff and not anything too dark.

Wonder if she has a little maths book squirelled away somewhere?  lol