Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I know they mean well.

The ptb have just cottoned on that kids ought to be able to whip up the odd meal from scratch and understand where food comes from and what is good/bad for you, blardeblar.  They're making food technology compulsory for school-going 11 - 14 year olds.  So, from 2011,  be prepared to see lots of kids at 3.30pm, carefully carrying a big tin (that probably housed sweets in its former life)  containing their culinary offerings.. which they should then share with their families when they get home :o))  Good food made from scratch and then consumed at the dining table with all family members present.  Happy, non-obese families:o)   The ptb have even brought out a cook book for the kids containing basic recipes so they can try them at home.  Can be downloaded from here

So, for those who didn't know, instead of using eggs, milk and sugar, you can make custard with custard powder, sugar and milk, instead of opening a 20p tin:o)  If you are living in poverty, which would you have to have?  For some kids cold custard is better than no custard..if they have no leccy or gas in the meter.

In my day we had to cook meals from scratch because ready-made/fast food was non existent if you were "financially stretched".  My parents would be out at work trying to earn enough for food, etc.  Shift work, too.    Yes...it was a LONG time ago and I remember being hungry and my parents, do doubt, went without.   I suspect there are loads of hungry kids out there today who have to cook anyway, 'cos single parent has been oiked out to work "for their own good/be a good role model" and so can't be there at meal times with child to supervise and teach; so easiest way for kid to get fed is a ready made, stick it in the microwave meal.  Saves putting on the cooker and burning the house down.  

Today is shopping/bill paying day. Home Economics, life and all that.    So, off we will toddle in search of supplies (with what money we have left, that is!!!) which should keep us going for a week:o))  But, if Santa is to make an appearance this Christmas then we have to save a third so we now have £20 a week to get everything.  Bye bye nice soft loo roll.  lol    Wonder how many healthy and interesting recipes we can rustle up from our budget and using minimal fuel, seeing as fuel bills use up well over 20% of our income.   It would be way more if we ever had the heating on!!!


Brad said...

Hello Love -
Things in this post that are lost on this Yank:

leccy (Electricity?)


It drives me nuts to go into the grocery store anymore. What I paid for chicken last night should be enough to impeach George W Bush today. And fuel? I worry/wonder what a family with one income and kids will do this winter.

Is it any wonder I'm a socialist ?

Dawny said...

I can see you're finding the bidget thing a real taxing pain too darling. It makes me angry when they say things like 'you can eat healthily for cheap.' ' budget meals can be nutritious.' n stuff like that . . . yes but we do DO tire out of beans on toast and pasta.. . . . .
hey since when did they stop doing cooking at school anway???
doh dear me the world passes me by.

Minnie said...

Sorry about the lingo, Brad:o)

ptb = powers that be
blardeblar = blah blah blah = waffling
leccy = electricy

And, yes, Miss Lily could be their mum:o)

Hi Dawny.. luckily, Junior loves pasta with pesto sauce:o) Too many meals of it makes me fill sicky, though.