Monday, 8 September 2008

Holidays and Timetables

Brother in law is holidaying in Canada at the moment.  Three weeks!!   Lucky him...but he deserves it really, for an old so and so!  lol  :o))   He has family over there, so it's nice that they can see each other at least on an annual basis.  They take trips all over the place so I wonder where he's been to this time?  Sister won't go....anywhere, which is a shame.

Asked him nicely before he set off if he would suss and bring back certain things for us.  He always forgets, bless:o)    Maybe this time will be different:o)    Top of wish list...proper maple syrup.  A Ukrainian Kitchen fridge magnet...Canada is the second Ukraine..with a huge Uki population:o))  Asked him to find me a pen pal, please and also to suss out the home edding scene there with maybe a contact.    He's back next week, so we shall see.  

Down this neck of the woods, the kids don't go back to school until Wednesday.  Two inset days before they can start!!

Junior has drawn up a little timetable.  Asked her what she wants to learn about, so she's tabled her choices in.  She's still keen on French and our starter country to study 'this year' is, of course, Canada, so it all links in.  Maybe one day we can save up enough and go over, but we'll definitely try and get over to France.  It all helps when you have family who live a stone's throw away from channel ports.  They can get a return ferry ticket for less than it costs Junior and I to get  a return to the nearest town here!!  Madness, eh?

The kittens have a new game.  It's "Let's romp all over the answer machine and turn it on and off, delete messages.  Such fun!! "  I think they like the little 'trill' the machine makes when the buttons are pressed.   Suppose it beats climbing up and swinging from the voile curtains!  They're also into switching the printer on and off.  They've sussed out that the little bit of heat that comes from it provides a warm resting spot, so computer cupboard is firmly off limits now.

As I type, there are three black kittens sat side by side behind me, on the back of the sofa, watching as I type!  So...... what are the rest of 'em up to, because it's all gone very quiet all of a sudden?  Eeeek!!!  Please, God....they haven't got the wool...again?


Dawny said...

mmm don't they just love wool, even as adults they get it everywhere lol how are they all doing?

Brad said...

"The cats ate your message"

Great, now I have another excuse for not returning calls!

Minnie said...

Dawny - they are beautiful:o) A handful (or three!) as you know from experience:o) Their personalities are all different..ranging from very shy (Lily and Perdy) to downright extroverty (Olive's lot, particularly Bart:o) All now loving tuna for a treat which, I suspect, is a bad move on my part!.

Ringo & Henry (Junior has nicknamed them The Chuckle Brothers) sit and watch the washing machine when its on! I ought to video it.. so funny, when their little heads go round and round following the cycle.

I've hidden the wool away ( have LOADS..enough for a mini shop). Put it in a tallboy. It's clever Olive who can open everything!

Brad - Yes, good excuse:o)...unless it's my mother calling!