Sunday, 7 September 2008


I hate stupid questions from adults, especially when I know they are purposely loaded.   Have absolutely no patience for such they annoy me no end.

This article
.  Clutching at straws as to why not home educate.  The journo has links to Supernanny.  Say no more!!

Most of the questions are worthy of a 'Doh!'    In your face stupid and way behind the times!  No pun intended.   Bleurghhhh!!

Home edders are obviously not as dim as some narrow and career-minded wannabe high flyers who can't be arsed to do their research properly, it would appear.


Brad said...

I like to studiously avoid advice from experts. Keeps my blood presure low.

Sarah Ebner said...

Thanks for all your "kind" words. My article was intended to balance another, very positive article about homeschooling that appeared in the paper on the same day, and which I linked to (as you probably saw). I went on to invite comments, and so far, have received nearly 100, from both sides of this discussion. I obviously hit a nerve.
I simply wanted to ask some questions and made no assumptions -I certainly said nothing about home schoolers being dim, as that clearly isn't true.
I am delighted to see that you're not quite as careful as I am when it comes to these things though.
Best wishes from a "narrow and career-minded wannabe high flyer" (whatever that is!)
(aka Sarah from School Gate, who never claimed to be an expert)

Grit said...

that article was written by an idiot.

and that's the informed position from this (liberal minded) family!!