Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Sadly, Walter Pigeon didn't make it.  Passed away this afternoon.  It climbed into the seed dish, nest like.  I gave it all mod cons, but I reckon it was too young and that the weather had gotten to it.  Cold/flu etc.

I am so sad because I saw its parents this afternoon, but if I hadn't taken it in, then the neighbourhood cats would, without a doubt, definitely have...and there are loads around here apart from mine.  At least it wasn't terrorised to death.

One little black kitty has a lovely new home.  Junior is sad, of course.  One less in her little entourage...but she knows it will be ok.  The remaining ones are adept at running across the floor.. hit remote and changing tv channels!!

My feet are still telling me where to go, with all this strimming of allotment and, therefore, standing in wellies!!!  If I had the energy to get my foot spa out, I would.

Tonight we made vegan lasagne...with the usual ingredients, plus mushrooms and artichoke heads.  Very yummy.

Mother has got the bag on with us.  We are not paying her enough attention!!   What with all this allotment stuff I need to sort out, trying to start up a business from home and home edding PLUS life in general, slap me for not spending 6 hours a day down there!!!.   I despair sometimes.  On one hand, I understand but on the other...where are the other siblings?  Get your finger out, comes to mind.   Would help, though, if Mother had a less caustic tongue and became a little more.....diplomatic about our life choices.  I don't blame the siblings at all......just invite her up now and again!!

Does anyone else have these problems, or is it just us?  Maybe we are just having a bad week or so.

Am talking to myself, again...aren't I?   


Ruth said...

Am talking to myself, again...aren't I?

No I am here :)Lasagne sounds yum. Sorry Walter didn't make it:( Years ago I was offered abandoned ducklings at a nature reserve to hand rear but they all died too. I think it is hard rearing birds.

Minnie said...

Thanks, Ruth:o))

Think all this rain has soddened my brain! lol

Yes,hand rearing birds is difficult. I have a soft spot for pigeons; don't know why...maybe from my Mum & Dad who kept a few safe in our back garden when I was a kid. Everyone else seemed to either eat...or shoot them!!! Eeeew!