Saturday, 13 September 2008

Pecking Order Re-established

Since Molly the cat munching dog left to live in a new feline-free home... the animal dynamics in our house have changed.

Cats Rule!!

The position of Queen Sorterouter/Bitch/I am Boss and have first say on sitting on Mum's knee..has, seemingly, shifted to little Megan!!  Sweet, little, unassuming, Meg....who is now 'Don't ****** mess with my kids' Meg!!  You would not believe it to look at her..........tiny, little cat that she is...but full of spirit.  Little lioness:o)    Can't blame the mog, given what a monster Molly was towards anything feline or smaller than she.  The kittens are so lovely and happy, but the mums guard them 24/7.   Popeye Dad, the 'big kid' plays with them.    Someone was due to come and collect 'long-legged and big footed' Henry the other day.  Never turned that means he stays.  Fate and all that.  Junior, of course, is happy at this prospect...not wanting our little 'family' to decrease.  

Little She Cat!!

Sweet, gentle Cilla

So, poor Cilla dog....who truly wouldn't hurt a snotted the other day for sniffing 'in peace by accident' at a family get together (Meg feeding some of the kitties...even though they are WAY too old).  Spit and spank...poor Cill!!...who now follows me EVERYWHERE for safety.

Anyway, boundaries have been drawn.  Cilla sleeps under my bed at night:o)  Cats downstairs.  They are the better guards if anyone DARES to break in.  God help their ankles!!!!

Megan, meanwhile, continues to catch, bring into our house and KILL......leaves!!  So funny.   Anyway, if she can train them right..the kittens I mean......just imagine..IF someone attempted to break in.  Nine sets of teeth sunk in to a leg.... and even more REALLY SHARP claws!!!   Ooooooooo.  Ow!

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