Saturday, 6 September 2008

Space, more rain and where's that wool?...again

Furniture movearound today... Junior's bedroom..... in her never ending quest to somehow find more space for her treasures and possessions:o)  

She needs more shelving, definitely,  so shall have to speak nicely to big bro for that...when he eventually gets down to put up the fitted wardrobes for her.  When all that's done it will be bliss because there will be NO MORE MOVING AROUND OF FURNITURE!!   Yippee!!

Has been raining heavily, again.  The animals won't budge from within these walls, so we are having fun and games!!  There is also a fusty smell eminating from the outside walls.  Damp.  All this rain is doing the house in, too!!   Whoever put tarmac down on the front drive went over the damp proof membrane a little.  The water doesn't run off as it should and so that will be another job to get sorted.  In the meantime, shall have to google some anti-damp smellies.  Have tried incense sticks, but they just make my eyes water.  lol

We won on the Euro lottery.  A whole £6.10.  Junior's numbers and she's picked winners for the last three weeks.  Says she concentrates on the numbers and doesn't just randomly cross them off.   So, one day, you never know...we might get our animal rescue centre and sanctuary:o))  We definitely need one for frogs and toads, because we heard squealing from the kitchen this morning..very early.....near back door, by water bowl.  Junior did the customary scream when she clapped eyes on it and there I was a few minutes later,  pj's on underneath my OiLily coat.. waddling down the road to Amphibian Central with yet another big, fat, VERY vocal frog to relocate!!  Popeye, no doubt, brought our little friend in and lost interest as soon as he hit the laminate.    Sigh....  Bet the neighbours think I'm a mad woman and wonder what the hell I do in that little green corner!!

Don't know how some folk can go about dissecting these little creatures in the name of science/education.  Do they still do that?  They did on our Access to Uni course, but I opted out of that little goodie.  Lecturer just looked at me as if I had a screw loose.   One reason why I never took Biology A level all those years ago as it was compulsory then.  

Am now going to attempt to unravel some more wool that the kitties have been playing with (which I hid but they sussed out!) while I soak my sore, allotment-strimming weary feet in our under-used foot spa!  £3.95 a ball the yarn cost and the finished item is supposed to be a Christmas pressie.  It remains to be seen which Crimble it'll be finished in time for!
Think these are the culprits?  The one in the middle is Hunny...Junior's favourite.  Her ears are huge, as are her eyes.  Very round and Persiany.

But....this is Suspect Number One!!!  Tinks


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