Friday, 12 March 2010

Spring Cleaning Life...Getting Started

I never did make any New Year's resolutions this time....mainly because I end up never keeping them! lol Also, rickety joints put a damper on plans.

So, backend into gear, Min...'tis time to get sorted and make changes.....spring clean your life for the better. Yay.....good idea...

So.........taps fingers on desk.......what shall I change about my life......I cast my beady eye around the house and think 'Where the hell do I start?'.........Arghhhhhhh!!!!

This is going to be an uphill battle.

I suppose I must chink away at the bits I want changing, little by little and not be overly ambitious. I always tend to take on too much and then get nothing done because I overdo it and then become ill. So, I will try and reverse that bad habit.

List of things I want. I shall be a minimalist with my wishes to start with....the rest will come, no doubt.

1. Get better.
2. Be happy.

Everything else revolves around these two wishes. If I am happy and healthier I should be able to deal with the crap. So, first thing I have to do, I suppose, is empty my head of all residual nagging!! That means ear plugs when I go see Mother! lol And...stop thinking too much about red tape, bills, state of house, this government's war against us home edders and parents..which is affecting my daughter's happiness (boy, could I swear at that lot!!) Ack..... What do they say?...Don't get mad, get even. So, I won't be voting for them come the General Election!

How are you supposed to empty your head with all that stuff going on? I've tried it in bed at night and it just doesn't empty. Maybe I should try yoga or something to help my body and then the brain might follow and relax a tad. I have a yoga book somewhere..................

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