Saturday, 20 March 2010

She has the knack!

Junior has been making fairy and butterfly cakes AND icing them in various garish shades of pink and blue. She found a 'weigh the ingredients out and chuck 'em all in together' recipe which came out really well. Today, we made veggie pasties (sauted chopped onion, diced carrotts and spuds..with seasonings and a drop of gravy). She made the pastry and seems to have 'the knack'. Yay! budding pastry chef. It's all this watching of Friends and Monica the Chef! lol

Re garden room...Popeye remains defeated...for the mo.... the rain is doing strange things to the untreated wood! lol

Bro and Junior laid a carpet with underlay in her room today. Was gifted as it's nearly brand new. The colour clashes violently with that on the walls, of course (ruby red, lavender and sky blue!! lol) but J doesn't care as it beats cold laminate flooring:o))) Tip...if you are ever short of a stanley knife, use a quilting wheel instead. Works wonders. Bro was well impressed with my 'DIY' gadget, until I told him it was for cutting quilting materials, not carpets and underlays.

The list of 'Things to do/mend' is getting shorter. I now have doors on my wardrobes....yay!

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