Monday, 29 March 2010

Little Treasures

Yay for jumble sales:o)

Was my favourite one at the weekend (in aid of animal welfare) and this usually means staggering home laden with lots of 'finds'. Some are bought and some given, as a few of the stallholders know we are cat lovers and so are always plying us with freebies for supporting their event, which is very nice of them.

First off, I always head for the linen stall....lots of bedding and fabrics. Then to the clothes bit...on the lookout for hand knitted stuff that I can frog and reuse on some project or some nice cotton bits for quilting, etc. On to the other clothes bit...30 pence an item. I go for fleecy things ideal for pet bedding:o) Then it's onwards to books, videos *(10 pence each!) and then, if the old ankles are up to it....the nik nak bit! lol

I always use bits of cut up clothing for making quilts. Quilts were originally made from scraps of material from old and 'outgrown clothing...recycling. I never think to use new material for quilts. I go for the vintage look. lol

Back at the jumble, I managed to get a couple of language courses with cd's and tapes for 50 pence each......French and 'Learn Dutch in 3 months'. Yay! (Junior has a personal CD player to use with those. She knits while she listens ) Got a big bin liner full of of bedding and linen, Next lamp, bathroom mat and pedestal set in OUR colour....purple:o).

Junior loves this event, too and wandered off as soon as we got in and and an hour later staggered up to us, laden with her little treasured finds. Latest fad is Buffy and she managed to get a couple of series for the usual bits girls like..and not forgetting stuff for the mogs:o) The handbag stall is a big pull for her lately!! She has an eye for a bargain. lol

Bro loved it, of course. Was in his element but it was over all too soon for him. lol. He found a designer video cameral holdall for 20 pence!!! He only bought it so he had something to carry all his buys home in. Then he manages to find some brilliant CDs and other bits.

We managed to waddle home together..happy and eager to share our finds:o)

The mogs and dog loved their pressies and snuggled up on new fleecy bedding.

Home made chip butties, with a dollop of tomato sauce, for tea. They are the best!!

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anna said...

i loooooooooooove these stories !!! keep em coming !!!