Monday, 15 March 2010

Never turn your back on a pride of mogs!

Son no 1 came a visiting on Saturday...for Mother's Day on Sunday.

I have bro staying so Son no 1 didn't want to impose on Sunday, so Saturday was the day for him to see his old mother.

I tell him it is ok. He does not have to come up. I am not control freaky mother who insists that they 'the boys' should do their 'duty' and visit every week. I am says he is coming up. I tell him that I must do he says he will take me.

OK...there is no putting him off. He's coming and so we will have to hoover!! lol

So, he takes us shopping. Parks in Asda carpark. I tell him that I am not up to walking round the local town (he and his other half like to window shop), He says that's ok, they'll manage without me!! So, he basically dumped me in Asda and off they went, with Junior happily tagging she can buy Mother's Day pressie:o)

Well, this means me perusing the aisles of Asda at my own pace. Yippee!!.....and off I toddles, clutching onto shopping trolley.

Within half an hour they were done and back.

Don't you just hate being rushed? lol Anyway, I had managed to do enough and even got tofu!!!

Biggest laugh was when we got home. He had bought a ready cooked chicked and fresh bread for him, other half and Junior for dinner....chicken sandwiches..with black pepper and mayo...their favourite. He thinks I am weird, being a veggie.

Now that he and girlfriend live together, Son likes to do the culinary stuff, so he was in charge of the sarni making. Well, did the mogs love the aroma of cooked chicken or what? They were on chicken watch!!! and standing guard just about everywhere near or in the kitchen. He boots them out and proceeds to put leftover chicken in the oven, turning his back on his freshly made sarnis.

Bad move.....

You see, my lot can open doors and you can guess the rest! lol

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