Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Nail in my coffin

I need to up my iron intake.

So, we have been shopping. Not for a bag of nails but.... legumes, beans, dried apricots, spinach, chickpeas, orange juice for Vitamin C, tofu.

Well, you can imagine what the beans are going to do to me, although some of the recommended ones are too exotic to find around these parts!!! Chickpeas are cool, orange juice is ok, dried apricots might get some getting used to, spinach is ok...not cooked though......uuuuurrrrgghhh!! That leaves my friend tofu, the exotic flavoured stuff to supply me with a hot meal. Pity it's nearly two quid a block.....sigh..... A vegan lifestyle is not cheap around these here parts!

What was I saying about the bag of nails?......only 99p, too.

Mother is still very ill. Coughing for England and providing a roaring trade for the disposable underpant empire of Miss Tena Lady:o)

She thinks 'this is it. Kaput time'.

I tell her, of course, to stop being so daft, but she feels down.....side effects of the anti-bios, I know.

Been there all afternoon and evening, again.

Tomorrow, I will take my bag of spinach to chew on.

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anna said...

aww hope you feel better soon..NOTHING is cheap anymore.. im fed up of being skint. only ever enough for bills and food and out bills are minimal at that !!! HOPE YOUR MOGS ARE OK TOO X X