Sunday, 7 March 2010

Massage and Vampire Mogs

Nearly teenage daughter!!! Arghhh!!

Going through the stage of..."phwwww"...or "pathetic sigh"....or....."It's not fair!".... this is referring to naughty Mummy asking Junior to perform a your dirty laundry downstairs....take your dirty dishes/cups/mugs/glasses downstairs...please....etc. Please do not gross me out by allowing them to fester away so as to produce mould. Thank you:o)

The Balls bloke is on the tele again, tonight. Wonder how many porkies he'll tell this time?

Today we found seven more Friends videos in a local charity shop. yay. Plus Dodgeball. All eight for a quid. Bargain!! So, shall watch that tonight while consuming home-made veggie lasagne and garlic bread. No vampires in this house.....due to copious amounts of garlic in our meals lately:o) lol

Talking of relaxing.....When I'm using the laptop, I sit in my bedroom at the side of my desk..back to the radiator. 'Tis lovely when heating is on:o) At this moment in time I have a certain Ms LooLoo Schooler perched on my shoulder. She is the slender, gymnast of 'em all. A beautiful, gentle little soul who still nags me to hell and back for attention, so I pet and stroke her....arthritis therapyfor the hands, you see.

Anyway, she seems to know when the old muscles need loosening up and will regularly jump on my shoulder and pad away (this is when can I describe it....knead...with their front paws.... that's what it it's like.....a form of massage....and it helps, you know. it's the same thing they do when they're feeding off the stimulate milk.)

l'll be having a lie-down and be on my side and she'll jump up and pad away:o)) 'Tis lovely .....until she farts!!!!!

The kitten LooLoo

She takes a rubbish photo

The vampire mogs!

Baby Tinkabelle...who is, at the mo, in hyper party mood!!

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