Thursday, 18 March 2010


Bro is busy here, dutifully going through a list of tasks and repairs that we have requested be carried out.

Anyway, garden room security is no 1 on the list.... door is pooped....due to consistent escape runs...... a la mogs!! The number of times I have 'secured' this blasted door is always one less than the number of times the mogs have sussed it out and escaped into the great outdoors! Little blighters. The mogs are indoor cats for their own safety, due to traffic and some nasty folk who delight in taking pot shots with air rifles at any passing animal!! So, the mogs hang out in this garden room...chilling out, watching the world..and the birds...go by:o)

Well the little tyrant who is responsible for orchestrating these Great Escapes is Popeye (he likes climbing trees and there's lots of them around here and mainly in other gardens, so he's busting to get out and up them thar conifers)...and he is proving to be Bro's nemesis!! Arch rivals in the Great Escape department.

Bro can't believe how clever the old black cat is but is hell bent of 'beating' him at this. Well, the garden room is basically a lean-to greenhouse, with this knackered door and you should see how well Bro is reinforcing it. Weatherproof wood in place of perspex...and screwed in REALLY WELL. Took him all day yesterday.

Pop still got out!.....and a few more of his

So, today, three heavy duty bolts have been added on. 'Beat that' Bro muttered after toiling away for three hours.

Pop gave him a look which said...'Yeah...OK.' Lol

Anyway, to take his mind off this little problem he decided that Junior should be spoiled. She's had an expensive makeover...birthday pressie from her uncle:o) Hairdo and pierced ears. The waist length tresses are no more. Boo hoo.

She looks lovely and is as pleased as punch:o) Don't they grow up so fast, though?

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