Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Butternut Squash Sauce with Pasta

We had a butternut squash hanging around the kitchen. We usually turn these into soup:o) I actually bought this squash on Monday, from the local market. 'Tis a miracle as I usually wait for months before I figure out what to do with they are sort of attractive to have around in one's kitchen:o)

Well, decided to do something different from soup, so...

We had Butternut Squash Sauce with Pasta:o) Very nice.

There's me thinking that I might have actually invented a recipe...........sigh..

Well, I sort of did, because all the ones I Googled had you boiling or frying the squash....and I roasted mine in the!!! lol

If you Google butternut squash sauce it comes up with the recipes.....and piccies:o) Martha Stewart was my first hit. Anyway....

We basically:-

Peeled and chopped a butternut squash.

Put on baking tray and add chopped garlic onto the squash bits. I also added chopped ginger...also onto the squash bits.

Splosh of oil, salt and pepper.

Bake in oven...190 degrees for about half an hour.

When done, add to blender with a bit of veg stock and dried sage. Blend away until smooth, adding enough veg stock to get the consistency of your choice. I added about half a pint.

Stir into pasta (we had rigatone).

You can add cream...vegan or dairy...for an...err...creamier sauce. You can add grated cheese, but we didn't. It's just a suggestion from one of the recipe sites.

Butternut squash is actually very nice raw. I can imagine it grated in salads or squash coleslaw type of thingys.

I am probably about ten years behind and all of you are thinking 'what a mad woman. Did she not click on about butternut squash recipes until now? lol

Still got to figure out another 79 things to do with potatoes......sigh.....

We are making samosas tomorrow...with tinned peas. Frozen are too expensive.....bugger!!

To my 'followers'. I am sorry for repeating myself. I really ought to use spellcheck. lol

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