Thursday, 4 March 2010

Paint Wars

Son no 1 brought back the slow cooker that he borrowed at Christmas! lol He is a bit tight on the petrol money when it comes to travelling up and down motorways but, better late than never.

Anyway, Junior was drawn downstairs this morning due to the heavenly scent of home made rice pud that was bubbling away in the afore-mentioned slow cooker. She is now a fan and has added the recipe to her collection. After consuming beans on toast (with chilli sauce) we had the pud. Yummy. LooLoo cat agrees, too. She managed to wangle some and is currently sunbathing on the window sill with rice pudding'd whiskers:o) ...they go all stiff and starchy.

It's lovely and bright outside. Is Spring on it's way or are the weather gods having us on, again? lol

I've decided to paint the stairs. Brighten them up from the gloomy, yacky state they're in at the mo. (Took yacky carpet up) Only problem is that I would prefer them to be a nice creamy/off white colour. Alas, funds do not permit this so I am stuck with lavender leftovers! I can always use it as an 'undercoat' until funds are flowing again, I suppose:o) Should be fun as, no doubt, the mogs will want to help or supervise! Imagine that.....12 sets of mog paws helping!!! Eeeek! Nope...I see a bit of feline lockup coming on. lol

The hall, stairs and landing walls were this orange colour!! Lovely, eh? lol Felt like you were being 'tangoed'. So, hallway is now a lovely dusky pink but, alas, wasn't enough for stairs and landing. So, with donated paint, they are now lemon and cream. I would prefer duck egg blue....maybe one day. Until then we make do. Those are Junior's legs. She was helping slap on the lemon:o) Can't twizzle piccy round. Sorry if you get a stiff neck.

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Julia said...

We love slow cooker rice pud too :) Painting looks good!