Saturday, 2 February 2008

Feathers and Ink

Well, some will think I'm daft...but I feel sorry for her. I'm glad to hear that the troubled Britney Spears is now under the care of her Dad. About time!! Get her back into the real world!! I hope she gets the love and care she deserves and that any parasites and scumbags are kept firmly away from this troubled soul. And that she becomes well enough to be a good mum and get her kids back.

Anyway, Junior has decided that if she wants additional pocket money then chores are the way!! It's her idea. 10p for each extra job.......Am especially looking forward to her takeover of the washing up!!

Junior is into practicing her handwriting. Totally autonomous decision. We have TONS of stuff in the learning department (actually...a few cupboards and bookcases hold all the stuff!) . Lots of supplies here...nothing forced..everything is picked because it's wanted. Soooooo, she has dug out a caligraphy writing set. I love ink/fountain pens and we were scribbling away with these pens last night. Seems that junior also loves fountain pens. yay. Must hunt out some turquoise Quink ink:O)

Spoke to Son no 2 and he and his other half have been out today buying stuff for the baby. Bless. His other half is not having an easy pregnancy, though. They are as poor as church mice but are working all they can to get extra money in. Anyway, new job..and she passes out first day. She is ok but needs to take it easy. She's not going to be one of these pregnant ladies who work up until the last week.

Came home yesterday from Mother's. She was upset about something so had to go down and sort it out for her. We were out for about 5 hours and came back to find......budgie cage on the floor....seed sign of Wilma!!! eeek. Junior...who does not like to see animals hurt....stayed in the porch while I sussed out the situation. It was a scene of mayhem, as you can imagine. Soooooo, there I am looking for yellow feathers and maybe a half-eaten body...trying to calm Junior down. Goes into kitchen..not looking forward to what I may find... and there she is.......bless her...alive and well:O) Clever bird knew that if she stuck close to the dog crate then pussycats would keep away!! So, Wilma and Fred are reunited...and next time we go out, they are going into the porch...away from naughty Olive & Co!!

Preggy Meggy still hasn't popped. She looks a bit like a black malteser on legs and has been quite playful today:O) The elderly cats are in, too. Feeling the cold at their age...and eating for England I might add. When Spooky came back after being missing since Crimble, we went out and got some supplies in for her. She was a bag of bones compared to her normal plump self. Whiskas was on offer at local, only one for miles and normally totally over-priced we got five boxes. Spooky and co have 60 sachets to go at..and going at it they are!!

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